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Advance Engineering Classes

Practice, persistence and performance when inculcated in the meticulous guidance of master minds are sure to produce the output of excellence in terms of career and development of holistic personality, and this is the mere objective of a Team called AEC.


Advance Engineering Classes is one of the well-known institutions in Central India that provides comprehensive test preparatory services to students for preparation of Junior Engineer / Assistant Engineer recruitment examinations at both State and Central level..

The Institute initially commenced its operations in Bhopal with a few students with a vision of team
AEC (alumni of IITs & NITs).

Some of these students cracked the SSC-JE, MPPSC–AE, State-JE and secured top ranks and made AEC one of the sought-after coaching institutes for preparation of these examinations.

Vision, Mission & Values


Excellence in career education.


Practice, Persistence and Performance.


  • Leadership with human touch at various levels.
  • Integrity, Transparency and Openness in all our actions.
  • Innovations and Pursuit of excellence in career education.
  • Address the needs of the Students through Career oriented initiatives.
  • Strive to continuously improve our Processes and Quality of Deliverables.
Passionate Leadership

System-based Organization

Intensive Classroom Program


Junior Engineer Recruitment examinations requires a very systematic preparation and it tests your fundamentals of the subject and your ability to think logically and analytically. It examines your basic concepts its logical aspects and your ability to apply fundamentals to multi-conceptual problems. The teaching methodology at AEC offers the students a very systematically designed curriculum with a stepwise theory teaching and testing the learned concepts.


SSC-JE, PSU's JE/AE, STATE-JE, CENTRAL-JE, it becomes very important that you have a proper examination temperament and a different approach to the subject than most of the other examinations. The regular tests designed by the Senior Faculty of AEC trains you to build the temperament and the art of facing these examinations. To solve the problems you have to think in many dimensions as the process of formation of SSC-JE (best JE exam in the country) paper is pretty simple. Similarly, the Study Material of AEC exposes you to such multi conceptual problems and the practice problems given by the faculty strengthens your understanding and applications of concepts and fundamentals...


SMART work is indispensable for SSC-JE, PSU's JE/AE, STATE- JE, and CENTRAL-JE. If you are hard-working that’s good but SMART work alone is going to make you succeed in these examinations. The teaching methodology of AEC is designed in such a manner that it puts you on such a well-planned path that it makes you realize your maximum potential in a very motivating manner..


It is quite necessary that all students advance in the syllabus with full confidence and all their doubts are addressed properly and well in time. The teaching method at AEC has the necessary ingredient of regular doubt removal sessions in every class for the problems encountered in the practice material and tests.


The practice material at AEC is developed by esteemed faculty based on the research and experience of many years in this field. The problems are designed systematically and scientifically that enables the students to develop a complete understanding. Challenging and elaborative problems are arranged in a logical set to understand the subject chapter wise, developing in the student's step-by-step excellence for these examinations..

Highest percentage of Selections with Top Rankers

AEC has maintained its exclusivity by consistently ensuring maximum selections and producing toppers and the highest number of rank holders in STATE-JE, MPPSC-AE and PSU's examinations. In MPPSC-AE 2017 State Rank 5th, Vizag Steel-JE 2018 AIR 4th. AEC is consistently producing results in these examinations. More than 300 selections in past years..

Huge Alumni Network

AEC has evolved into a unique fraternity of educators and students striving together, year after year, in pursuit of a single goal. AEC has a vast alumni network spread across the Central India, from premier institutions (IITs, NITs, etc), leading MNCs ,PSUs, Engineering Services to Civil Services excelling in every aspect of their life and contributing to the cause of society and humanity.