9 Things To Do a Day Before The GATE Exam

9 Things To Do a Day Before The GATE Exam's image

What To Do One Day Before The GATE Exam

Most of you who are reading this have been preparing for their GATE exam for over a year. Some of you may be more than that. More than 10 lakh students appear for GATE. Still, you will be competing only against the students from your branch of engineering or the paper you select.

GATE is considered to be one of the toughest exams for engineering students because of its vast syllabus. Which may lead to a lot of overthinking and anxiety. However, if you did take a sincere effort while preparing for GATE, you have nothing to worry about. Then you should not let these negative thoughts lower your confidence.

9 Things To Do a Day Before The GATE Exam

Few things you need to do a one day before your GATE paper.

No New Topics

Trying to learn new topics at the very last moment will create confusion. It will also take up your time which you could have used for your revision. As a result, you might not perform as well as you thought in your paper.


Revise all the formulas and definitions. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Go through the questions you thought were difficult from previous years question papers and try solving them. You should be focusing on your weak areas. Remember all the GATE tips and tricks that were delivered to you during your classes.

Take a Break

Do not stress out about the exam. Instead, do something that will calm your mind. Meditate, play music, or go for a walk with your friend.

Know the Virtual Calculator

By now, you must have taken multiple mock tests, and we can say that you are used to the virtual calculator. If not, then make sure that you know how to use the virtual calculator because you will not be allowed to carry your calculator at the exam centre. Not knowing how to use it on the D-day might be a significant disadvantage.

Know your GATE Center

GATE is conducted over two weeks and is divided into two sessions. Make sure you check the date and timing of your exam. Do your research about your GATE centre and know its exact location. Make a list of the things you need to carry on the exam day. Make sure you carry your admit card with you on the exam day.

Don't Lose Focus

Do not get distracted while taking your exam. If someone or something is causing distraction, please let the invigilator know. You do not want to lose your concentration while taking your exam, that may lead you to scoring poorly.

Have a Plan

You know your strengths and weaknesses. So, pre-plan what question will you answer first. Try answering the questions from the topics you are 100% confident about. This way you will have more time for the difficult questions. Try and answer as many 2 marks questions as you can. However, know that it is not necessary for you to attempt all 65 questions. Remember about the negative markings, if you're not sure about an answer don't answer it, please do not rely on guesswork.

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is very important. Make sure you eat at least three meals per day during the last week or two. Not following a proper diet may cause fatigue. Stay hydrated and keep your sleeping cycle in check. Do not sleep in the same time slot as your exam for at least a week. Doing so may make you sleepy during your exam.

Stay Positive

Mental health is equally important. Do not overthink about the results. Stay away from the negative thoughts and people who discourage you. This may cause self-doubt, and you'll end up with low confidence. Think about all the hard work you have put into this and the reason you decided to appear for the GATE exam. Keep yourself calm, stay positive and be confident.

Be confident in yourself, you have worked very hard for this day. Keep yourself calm & focused. All the best for your GATE!