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MPPSC AE Syllabus 2022

The detailed syllabus for MPPSC AE is given below. Candidates are suggested to take a note of the detailed syllabus of the MPPSC AE syllabus 2022 given in the article.

Prahar Batch MPPSC AE Mechanical Engineering

Part A

General Knowledge of Madhya Pradesh, National and World

History Culture and Literature of MP

  • Importance historical events and major dynasties of MP.
  • Contribution of Madhya pradesh inthe independence movements.
  • Art, Architecture and culture of M.P.
  • Main tribes and Dialects of M.P.
  • Main festivals, folk music and folk art of M.P
  • Important literary figures of M.P and their literature.
  • Main Tourist places of M.P.
  • Important literary figures of M.P and their literature.
  • Main tourist places of M.P
  • Important personalities of M.P

Geography of the Madhya Pradesh

  • Forest, Mountain and rivers of M.P.
  • Climate of M.P
  • Natural and mineral resources of M.P
  • Energy resources: conventional and Non-conventional.
  • Main irrigation and Power projects of MP

Policies and Economy of Madhya Pradesh

  • Political science of M.P ( Governor, Cabinet, legislative Assembly)
  • Panchayati Raj of M.P
  • Social System of M.P
  • Demography and census of M.P
  • Economic Development of M.P
  • Main industries of M.P
  • Agriculture and Agro Based industries in M.P

Current Events of International, National and M.P

  • Importance Contemporaries events.
  • Famous sports competitors awards and sports institution of the state and the country
  • Welfare schemes of M.P state.
  • Famous personalities and Places.

Information and Communication Technology

  • Electronics, computers, information and communication technology.
  • Robotics,artificial intelligence and cyber security.
  • E-Governance.
  • Internet and social networking site.
  • E-commerce.

Part B

Related Engineering Stream

MPPSC AE Civil Engineering Syllabus.


  • Structural Analysis
  • Steel Structural Design
  • Reinforced Concrete Design
  • Construction Planning and Management
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Water Resource Engineering. (Irrigation, Hydrology, Ground Water, Storage schemes, Diversion schemes, Distribution system, Water logging, River training.)
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Railway Engineering
  • Highways & Airports (Bride engineering)
  • Geotechnical Engineering.

MPPSC AE Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

  • Engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of solids.
  • Theory of Machines
  • Design of Machine Elements.
  • Production Engineering.
  • Production Management.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Fluid Mechanics and Machines
  • Heat transfer, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning.
  • Energy Conversion Systems 
  • Computer Aided Engineering.

MPPSC AE Electrical Engineering Syllabus

  • Circuit theory.
  • Electromagnetic field theory and Materials.
  • Measurement and Instrumentation.
  • Analog and Digital Electronics.
  • Power Electronics.
  • Signals and systems.
  • Control system.
  • Microprocessors and Microcomputers
  • Electromechanical energy conversion.
  • Industrial Drives and Utilisation.
  • Power Systems Analysis and Control.
  • Switchgear and protection.

MPPSC AE Power Engineering Syllabus

  • Fluid mechanics, machinery, and theory of Machines.
  • Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.
  • Mathematics.
  • Elements of electronics and electrical engineering.
  • Thermal power plants.
  • Diesel, Gas Turbine, and Combines cycle power plant
  • Hydro power plants
  • Nuclear power plant.
  • Power from renewable energy.
  • Energy, economics, and environmental issues of power plants.

MPPSC AE Production Engineering Syllabus

  • Engineering Mathematics.
  • General Engineering.
  • Engineering Metallurgy.
  • Manufacturing Processes -1
  • Manufacturing Processes -2
  • Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Metrology.
  • Quality and Reliability.
  • Operations Research.
  • Industrial Engineering and operations management.

MPPSC AE Metallurgical Engineering Syllabus

  • Engineering Mathematics.
  • Thermodynamics, Rate, and Kinetic of Processes.
  • Extractive and process metallurgy.
  • Physical Metallurgy.
  • Mechanical Metallurgy.
  • Manufacturing processes.
  • Characterization techniques.
  • Structure of Materials
  • Properties Materials.
  • Elements of Quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics.

MPPSC AE Automobile Engineering Syllabus

  • Introduction to IC Engines.
  • Fuels and combustion.
  • Engine Lubrication and cooling.
  • Engine testing and performance.
  • Engine exhaust emission and its control.
  • Chassis and transmission.
  • Braking, suspension, and steering,
  • Vehicles Dynamics.
  • Automotive Electrical and electronic systems.
  • Automotive Maintenance and safety.

MPPSC AE Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering Syllabus

  • Physical Electronics, Electron Devices and ICS.
  • Signals and systems.
  • Network theory.
  • Electromagnetic theory.
  • Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation.
  • Analog Electronic circuits.
  • Digital Electronic circuits.
  • Control systems.
  • Communication system.
  • Microwave Engineering.
  • Computer Engineering.

MPPSC AE Computer Engineering Syllabus

  • Computer architecture, Organisation, Parallel & Distributed computing.
  • Computer programming, Data Structure & object oriented Analysis and Design.
  • System programming and operating systems.
  • Numerical computation, Algorithm design and complexity of computing.
  • Theoretical foundations of computing.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Neural networks.
  • Database and Information system.
  • Computer networks and web engineering.
  • Computer graphics & C.A.D.
  • Software Engineering and Project Management.

MPPSC AE Agricultural Engineering Syllabus

Part I

  • Surveying and leveling, Soil and water conservation engineering
  • Watershed Hydrology, Irrigation Engineering
  • Groundwater, Wells and Pumps
  • Soil and Water Conservation structure
  • Drainage Engineering, Micro Irrigation System Engineering
  • Watershed Planning and Management
  •  Minor Irrigation and Command Area Development 

Part II

  • Farm power and technology, Farm machinery and equipment
  • Farm Power, Field Operation & Maintenance of Tractor & Farm Machinery
  • Tractor systems and Control
  • Farm power and machinery management, Renewable energy sources
  • Human energy sources, Design and Maintenance of Greenhouse
  • Post Harvest Engineering and others, Crop Process Engineering, Drying and storage Engineering.