Smart Tips to Score Good Marks in GATE Exam 2023

Smart Tips to Score Good Marks in GATE Exam 2023's image

How to Score Good Marks in GATE

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or popularly known as GATE tests students based on these parameters:

  1. Basic Concepts or Fundamentals : How strong your fundamentals are i.e. basic understanding of the subjects and concepts.
  2. Application Skills : If you can apply those concepts and fundamentals in questions asked
  3. Problem Solving Skills : You will have to find the correct solution to get full marks. There are no marks for half-done problems, unlike semester exams.
  4. Time Management Skills : Since it is a time-bound exam, so your time management skills will also be tested.

How to Score Good Marks in GATE

So, the key to succeeding in the GATE exam is - Consistency, Practice, and Revision. The first and the most important aspect is consistency, one will have to take baby steps, be consistent, and work on fundamentals and concepts of engineering subjects.

Concept building or understanding the fundamentals of the subjects can start from college lectures itself. Focus during college lectures, read, or revise topics covered at college, refer to some good reference books, and try to visualize or relate topics with real-life applications.

If one’s fundamentals of the subjects are strong then probably scoring well in GATE would depend on how strategic one is and how many questions practiced.

To develop good problem solving and time management skills, one will have to practice a lot of questions and from different resources like past exam question papers, reference books, the study material provided by coaching institute, internet, etc.

And finally, revision, if you do not revise a concept or topic for a longer time you will again have to start from zero, so periodic revision of subjects is very important to keep you intact with the concepts, topics, and subjects.

To summarize, if you want to score well in GATE, you will have to be consistent, practice a lot of questions and revise topics after intervals. Having a tight daily study schedule, making small notes, giving yourself a target, and making strategic planning will help you to achieve your goal.